MBE postal and office solutions

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mail boxes femalefocusonline jan18Mail Boxes Etc (MBE) is one of the largest shipping companies in Spain with a network of more than 1600 service centres worldwide. As reported in last month’s Female Focus, Colin and Carole have just opened their MBE Service Centre in Jávea, offering a wide range of postal and office solutions for members of the public as well as businesses.

As the name implies, if you’re living on an urbanisation or in an apartment block, a Mail Box can be a helpful asset. We receive and send mail and packages on your behalf so you no longer have to worry about being at home all day when waiting for the latest bestseller to be delivered by Amazon. Secure, safe and flexible, our Mail Box service has been refined over years of experience.

Are you tired of worrying about shipments arriving late – or worse getting broken or not even turning up? Worry no more! We’ll take care of your shipment to ensure that it arrives on time with the best shipping solutions to suit your needs. We follow the shipment until it arrives safely at its destination. Sometimes things go wrong even when you have done everything right, with MBE you can relax and leave us to make it right. We’re happy to take care of valuable, urgent, and miscellaneous shipments that need to arrive at a certain time. We are also happy to help with all sorts of packaging, from wine packaging to electric scooters: we store, we pick, we pack, we send, we track, especially interesting for “Online” businesses.

We also offer a competitive and rapid printing service for your business: business cards, flyers etc can be turned around rapidly and we don’t make you take hundreds if you only need a handful.

Our brand identity, established via local and national campaigns on the web, social media, print media, billboards and other unique venue events, underscores Mail Boxes Etc prominence and reputation for entrepreneurial excellence, superior quality service and enviable customer loyalty. A brand is only as strong as the people who stand behind it. We strive to live up to our brand’s every day. It’s the way we greet, the fact that we listen to the problem, the completeness of the solution, the manner of communication, the style of the execution, the degree of accomplishment of the task – these are embedded in the mentality of the MBE community. Our brand’s success depends on us getting this right… for every customer, every time. It’s the MBE way, it’s our way.

“Discover what we can do for you! Easy parking and a friendly service” – Colin & Carole.
Mail Boxes Etc, Avenida de Paris 33, El Arenal, Jávea. Telephone 865 645 490.