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Hi All!

Firstly, let me wish you all a very Happy New Year - may 2018 bring you health and happiness.

dp entertainment femalefocusonline jan18 2I'd like to start the year off by re-featuring one of the most incredible young musical talents, here on the South Costa Blanca .... namely, Austin Slack.

Last year, I wrote about Austin's band "The Streeters".

Well, a lot has happened in the past twelve months, so allow me to bring you an update.

Apart from playing with The Streeters, in 2017 Austin also formed two new bands, "Guitar Heroes" and "Kings of the Blues", both with distinctive line-ups.

This is giving him the opportunity to further his musical range, by playing different styles of music with a bigger range of musicians.

As with previous years Austin has spent most of the year travelling up and down the coast with his 3 bands, sometimes performing 6 and 7 shows a week.

In the latter part of last summer he was asked to perform, for a second time, with "The Symphonic of Pink Floyd" tour, this time taking an even bigger role in the show. This involved performing in some of the biggest and well renowned theatres, all over the country.

With his high school education now completed, Austin can concentrate on preparing for the next stage of his career.

One of his many projects planned for the early part of this coming year will see Austin going into the studio to record his own music for the first time, which will be released during the year, in various EPs.

dp entertainment femalefocusonline jan18 4This gifted young musician has come a long way in a relatively short time, considering he bought his first acoustic guitar in 2011. By the end of that very year, Austin Slack had played on stage with Ian Parker, and played 2 shows with "Love of Lesbian" band shortly after.

Twelve months later, he formed his first band Magnetik Surf, and was chosen by Custom Guitar Lab to play their electric guitars.

From his home base near Murcia, Austin began regularly playing in bars and clubs, guesting with local bands, and participating in Jam Sessions.

He has now reached the stage where he is one of the busiest working musicians in the entire area.

If you haven't yet seen Austin Slack performing (in his various musical projects), then check out the local press and witness this incredible musician for yourself.

Definitely, highly recommended. 

Bye for now D.P.