Looking Good Inside and Out

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dr poole femalefocusonline feb18 1Dr Ignacio Poole has been helping the people of the Costa Blanca feel good about themselves since 1985.

This past month, however, it was the turn of his surgery at Jávea Arenal to have an overhaul and to be made to feel gorgeous once again.

And he and his architect team and their builders have done an amazing job. The new frontage now has sliding glass doors and is much more welcoming. The inside has been tastefully reformed and is a calm and relaxed setting in which to discuss your medical requirements.

One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is the range of services offered…from family practice through to minor and cosmetic procedures; and these are all offered at competitive prices.

dr poole femalefocusonline feb18 2Regular readers will know that Dr Poole is qualified to carry out a wide range of minor surgical procedures at the clinic, and now these will be carried out in the new smart surroundings. The clinic is now much more like a spa rather than a surgery, and will help any nervous patients feel at ease, especially those who are wary of the usual look and feel of a hospital.

For some surgical procedures, minimally invasive alternatives will usually result in less pain, less scarring, a quicker recovery time, and reduced healthcare costs. Operations and therapeutic procedures performed through smaller incisions are becoming standard in surgical medicine.

dr poole femalefocusonline feb18 4As we all know cosmetic surgery has increased dramatically in popularity over the past few years, with peoples’ attitudes toward the effects of ageing having changed considerably. More and more people are now seeking the long-lasting results that cosmetic surgery can bring.

Within the field of plastic surgery, the use of newer technologies such as lasers to perform procedures that once required extensive surgery and recovery time, now makes procedures such as face and eye lifts much more accessible, mainstream, and affordable.

Of course, every ‘body’ is different and Dr Poole and his medical team assess every case individually. So if you have anything bothering you which you would like an opinion on, then their invite is there waiting for you. Feel free to call into the new clinic and find out about all the different services and procedures – and don’t forget that your first consultative visit is completely free.

Dr Ignacio Poole: a certified Family Doctor/ GP and a Specialist Surgeon with a Master in Aesthetic Surgery. Clinica El Arenal. Av. Arenal 2, Jávea. Tel: 96 579 2418, Mon to Fri 10.30am - 1.30pm, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..