Have You Ever Slept Under a Down Duvet?

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bed centre duvetBy Lucy Rowat at The Bed Centre in Calpe

Having been in the bed and bedding business for nearly 20 years, I’ve sold an unimaginable number of duvets of all types including natural and synthetic. It’s true that synthetic fibres have come a long way over the years, but my choice has always been a natural down duvet. To me they are simply divine: snuggly yet light, warm without overheating, and dare I say you just feel happier!

As the owner of the Bed Centre in Calpe, the world is my oyster when it comes to choosing my duvet and our latest range is so good, I simply couldn’t resist. Made by KLÏNEN, these duvets use a range of fillers including Hungarian Goose down, European Goose down and Pyrennean Duck down. This is designed to give you options in features and pricing. In general, down duvets offer these main benefits: hypo-allergenic, form fitting, lightness, and thermo regulating. That last point is important as it keeps your body at the right temperature. Air flows through the down keeping you fresh and dry throughout the night giving simply a better night’s sleep. Moreover, in summer, the same thermo-regulation properties actually help you keep relatively cool at night!

To compliment our range of ‘naturals’, we also stock beautiful cotton sheets from Portugal to fit all depths of mattresses, a range of silk and feather pillows, a huge range of premium cotton duvet covers, and even 100% natural mattresses and mattress toppers.

So, if you’ve never slept under a down duvet, maybe now’s the time to start. Pop in and see us at The Bed Centre  and look forward to a luxurious night’s sleep!

The Bed Centre, CC Biblos, Local 8, Urb. Los Pinos 1K, 03710 Calpe. Telephone: 96 583 6814. www.thebedcentre.com.