Active Surfaces - Wet Lay Rubber Surfacing

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active surfaces femalefocusonline 1Do you suffer with wet, slippery tiles or concrete print, cracks or painted pool cappings which all needing regular repairs, we have a solution that will last with very little or no maintenance - Wet Lay Rubber Surfacing.

Wet lay rubber makes a pool terrace, entrance slope or stairs, children's play area etc a much safer place.
Wet tiles and wet feet round the pool can be a lethal combination. This guy is not going to fall into the pool just yet. First he is going to smash his head on the edge of the pool surround - BEFORE he falls in. A fall like this could knock him unconscious, and if he is not rescued immediately, he could be in big trouble and even lose his life!
At Active Surfaces we can offer a bespoke service to our clients.
Whether it is a private house, community or a bar with a pool we can design your area to suit your needs. With support from builders and landscape gardeners we can transform your entire surroundings if that is what is needed, or we can just provide a new surface (over the existing one) which will last for years.
Spanish Law now requires that surfaces around public pools should be made up of a non-slip material.
Wet lay rubber surfacing can be anything from a subtle and neutral colour scheme to a bright and cheerful area with our range of 19 colours. All colours can be mixed and blended and so the choices are many. We are confident we can find a colour scheme to suit your needs.
With the option of including pool depth numbers, logos, patterns, names, shapes or individual designs we can personalise the area whilst installing our product. Ideal if you want to include the name of your bar or even you favourite football club logo!
Established in the area for 3 years, we have now completed over 100 projects successfully and are looking forward to continuing to provide safety for clients well into the future.
With earth tremors being a regular occurrence in this part of the World why not consider a surface that will not leave sharp and dangerous edges in the event of the earth moving!
Quotations are free with no obligation. No salesmen will call on you. The owners will visit you by appointment, spending time helping you decide exactly how you want your area to look. We carry out a survey, and a fixed price quotation will then be prepared on the spot so you know exactly what you are getting for your hard earned money! So why not call Rob on
662 679 467 for information and to arrange a visit to your premises.