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horoscopeFebruary 2018

Family matters are at the forefront right now as you all pull together for each other. This brings closer and stronger bonds between you all and gives you insights into each other which help each of you to understand the others even more.
You are ready and raring to go this year and have it all planned out in your mind where you want to be by the end of the year. Don't go at it like a bull in a china shop, you have a full year so take things slowly and you will move forward without making mistakes as you go.
Love is in the air and someone close will show you just how much they care. Whatever the gesture or gift you know that it has been carefully thought out making it even more special.
You want to change things around a bit as you are fed up with the same routine day after day. It doesn't have to mean major changes, it could just be going to a different cafe or restaurant.
Changing something small in the home makes a massive difference to all. This starts you thinking of other small changes you could make to your wardrobe, diet and life in general. Go for it.
You are finding ways of becoming more efficient with your time and energy which leaves you more time to enjoy life. This is your plan for the year - just don't fall back into your old ways.
You are heading for changes on all fronts but are facing them head on knowing that they are going to be for the best. Family and home affairs will take up a lot of your time but your ambitions for the work front will still be achievable.
This is the month of love and you are full of ideas and as usual you are thinking of others first and finding ways of making all your loved ones feel special. Don't forget to love yourself a little as well.
You are hoping that the romantic gesture you have planned is not too much and is taken as it is meant, as a show of love and not showing off. Don't worry about what others think - that special someone will love it.
Your love life is going to move to a new level making it difficult for you to concentrate on anything else. Unwittingly you will make a massive impression on someone who will become a good friend.
You are appreciating the little things much more and seeing how everything and everyone is important to your life. This will make 2018 a much more productive and enjoyable year than ever.
If you think that someone is going to make a fool of themselves by showing their true feelings in an inappropriate way then stop them before it is too late. They will not take kindly at first but later they will appreciate it and your bond with them will be stronger.