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horoscopeOctober 2017

Aries: You are feeling restless because of the position you find yourself in. Unless you do something about it you will become more frustrated and even angry. Address it, change it and move forward. Once you do new ideas will start flowing again.
Taurus: Family is important to you right now even if you don’t see it yet. Try not to alienate people around you as you are going to need all the support you can get if someone uses you as the scapegoat. Keep your eyes open and you can avoid it.
Gemini: Jealousy keeps rearing its ugly head and it is just not like you so take notice. It may be related to a relationship, insecurity at work or just feeling threatened by someone, whatever it is you need to sort it out before it gets out of hand.
Cancer: Stop being so critical of yourself, others are good enough at doing that. Look at the amazing things you have achieved and the best parts of you and your life. If there are things you are not happy with change them or if you can’t learn to accept them.
Leo: Stop getting angry that someone is avoiding you and not answering your questions and ask yourself why instead. Maybe they just don’t have the answers and don’t want to admit it or let you down. Maybe they just don’t understand what you want from them.
Virgo: Being a bit of a perfectionist you like things done properly the first time. Your high expectations are not the most important thing to everyone else so if you want something done in a certain way either give proper direction or do it yourself.
Libra: Changes need to be made in some aspects of your lifestyle before it is too late. Make autumn be the start of the new regime. For some of you this means more exercise, for others a change of diet or even for some less exercise and dieting!
Scorpio: Someone close has got the wrong end of the stick and taken a comment you made totally the wrong way. You know how the rumour mill works, so clarify things with them before it gets completely out of hand and affects more than just them.
Sagittarius: Things are getting a bit hectic and even though all you want to do is relax, you have to push on as others are depending on you just now. Make a plan of how to tackle everything and then you will have time to rest and recharge.
Capricorn: A crazy, off the cuff suggestion might not be as mad as it sounds and the more you think about it the more tempting it becomes. You have been feeling a little stir crazy lately and this might be the answer you have been looking for.
Aquarius: Don’t get overwhelmed with something you know is not really a long term problem. You know that you are going to get through it so just keep going methodically and patiently and you will get to the end before you know it.
Pisces: Your intuition will get you far this month especially when it comes to working out a lie from the truth. It’s been a long summer and feelings are running a bit too high between work colleagues - don’t worry as things will sort themselves out soon.