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horoscopeDecember 2017

Aries: Nothing will be a problem for you this month, not even money. It is all about relaxing and spending time with friends and family. Indulge and enjoy, you deserve it and need it in order to prepare yourself for the coming year.
Taurus: This month will see you getting ready to make those changes once and for all. Not in a New Year’s Resolution kind of way, but things you have been putting off for too long now and want to take control of in order to make progress.
Gemini: Relationships will be given a long hard look at to see how they need to be changed. It’s been about them for long enough. Improvements can only be better for everyone involved and may even be the start of deeper friendship and understanding.
Cancer: Preparations are in full swing and you're so excited for the celebrations to come. Remember that everyone is not as fortunate as you. Others may not be looking forward to it at all. Maybe including someone in your celebrations is the answer.
Leo: Not everything is about the price tag. Personal gifts given with thought and with love are much more appreciated. Think about it, what do you like most, an extravagant gift which is actually useless or something you enjoy.
Virgo: Expect the unexpected. You will enjoy moments you didn’t think you would and do things you never expected to do but all in all you will have a great time over the festive period. Recharged, you will be ready for the challenges ahead.
Libra: Be strong as someone is trying to undermine you. Don’t let them win on this one as it will be the start of much bigger problems. Get rid of the excess in your life, both in people and things and start the New Year with much less ‘baggage’.
Scorpio: If you get organised now then everything will be much less chaotic when you need to be relaxing and enjoying yourself. Keep your eye on your bank balance as money does not grow on trees - don’t overspend as it will take a lot to build it up again.
Sagittarius: Having visitors or visiting is lovely but tiring. Make sure you leave yourself some time to relax or it will soon become more like hard work than enjoyment. You have been working hard enough and need this time to relax and unwind.
Capricorn: Your social life is in danger of going into overdrive. Whatever age you are there is still only a certain amount the body can take until it just gives up. Enjoy yourself by all means but be sensible with it and if a loved one tells you to slow down - listen.
Aquarius: Don’t let an off the cuff remark mess with your emotions. You know if it was done on purpose or not. If not then give them the benefit of the doubt, if it was done on purpose then quietly put them straight, move on and enjoy yourself.
Pisces: Breathe and do not let anyone spoil your fun. Although this is a stressful time, don’t let them wind you up. Put on some party music, spend time with good friends and make this festive season the best one ever. Deal with the spoil sports later.