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horoscopeApril 2018

ARIES A discussion following a difference of opinion with someone will actually bring you closer together than you have ever been. They are as surprised as you are to finally be heading in the same direction, albeit following a rough start. 

TAURUS Planning a holiday or short break will give you something to look forward to. Keeping something to yourself might not be the best solution. Think it over, you might find that talking it through with someone close helps you see the bigger picture.

GEMINI Don't feel intimidated by someone who appears to be out of your league. By simply introducing yourself you will see that they are just as normal as the next person, in fact a lot of their aloofness  is to overcome their nervousness.

CANCER Someone is trying to put a dampener on everything you do and you can't understand why. Stop wondering and have a chat with them, getting to the bottom of it is much better for the two of you. 

LEO Your mind is flitting from one thing to another and you are getting nowhere. Stop, concentrate, make a list if necessary and then tackle one thing at a time.

VIRGO Feelings are getting out of hand and you need to share them with someone. Magical things will happen when you do. Trust your instincts about a new team member and don't give too much away too soon.

LIBRA Not seeing eye to eye with a family member will actually make you both sit down and sort out some other issues, leading to more positive than negative to come out of this. Take care of health issues now, more than ever.

SCORPIO Some social engagements will lead to great networking opportunities and be much more enjoyable and fruitful than you thought when you got the invitation. Use these introductions to expand on these new contacts.

SAGITTARIUS An offer of a new experience is too much to resist and you cannot help yourself but go along with it. Don't feel guilty, enjoy it. It doesn't matter what others think, they might even be a little jealous!

CAPRICORN Don't let people blame you for spoiling something just because you were the only one telling the truth. They should be paying more attention to what you are saying rather than being cross with you.

AQUARIUS Sometimes you just have to deal with things on your own. Nothing anyone is going to say will help you at this point. If you are strong and sensible you will get through this moment.

PISCES You are back on track with a goal which has been on and off for so long now. Maybe you should ask for help as you can see that you are not going to be able to tackle it alone, and not to see it through would be a shame for everyone.