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arts marina alta femalefocusonline feb18 1Salones Canor, Teulada. Thursday 1st March

Doors open at 10am. You must be seated by 10.55am for a prompt start at 11am.
Al Andalus: Spain's Art, power and passion by Anne Haworth.
Al-Andalus, which means, "to become green at the end of the summer".

arts marina alta femalefocusonline feb18 2Anne is a lecturer at the Victoria and Albert Museum. She is a guide for private tours of the State Rooms and The Queen's Gallery at Buckingham Palace and lectures on British Painting to American students resident in London. In Autumn 2002, she catalogued the collection of Chinese porcelain at Kensington Palace and from then until 2005, she was a committee member of the French Porcelain Society.

Ms Haworth was a porcelain specialist at Christie's before moving to Shanghai in 1995 for a seven-year residence during which time she lectured to the expatriate community in Shanghai and Beijing. She has lectured in many of London's museums and art galleries and gave gallery talks during the Royal Academy's 'China: the Three Emperors, 1662-1795′ exhibition in 2005-6.

arts marina alta femalefocusonline feb18 3Beautiful Islamic Art and architecture in Granada, Cordoba and Seville.
This civilization spanned the eighth to the fifteenth century. In 711, Arabs crossed the Straight of Gibraltar (derived from 'Gabal Al-Tariq': 'Mountain of Tariq') and established control over much of the Iberian Peninsula.

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