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Book Review Ivor Kindle

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book reveiw waterlooBook Title: Waterloo
Author: Bernard Cornwell
Publisher: Harper

With the 200th anniversary of the battle of Waterloo coming up in June 2015 a plethara of books on the battle of Waterloo are entering the shops. Some are new, some re-issued with new covers...This new book by Bernard Cornwell I found to be a well paced, well told tale in the style of a story.

This battle was about the future of Europe and was a war declared against one man... Napoleon. The narrative is excellent... fast paced and full of interesting detail. Wellington’s role and skill as a general is explored and commented upon.

He, Wellington, is seen as a defensive soldier seeing the morale and well being of his men as a factor in their effectiveness as a fighting force. The battle narratives are brutal ... reflecting the fighting style of the early 1800s ...Canon and carnage are the battlefield descriptives.

The story explores the fact that the battle of Waterloo was a close run thing ...and was an allied victory. Was Wellington the victor or was it Blucher or did Napoleon just blow it?

From reading the book I have also explored the excellent battlefield detectives series on You Tube. Get involved, it all brings history alive. The debate about Waterloo is ongoing and enjoyable and will without doubt nurture your historical taste buds.

Keep reading and studying... Ivor Kindle.