Book Review - Sanctus, The Key, The Tower

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book reveiw sanctusBook title: Sanctus, The Key, The Tower
Author: Simon Toyne
Publisher: Harper

If you have a belief in the telling of ancient Bible stories that have a connection through time to the modern day then these books are for you.

Historical fiction at its very best... these three book make up one of the most enjoyable series of books that I have read in some considerable time. A multitude of different characters draw the reader through an easy to read storyline based around both a religious and a cultural theme.

Dark and full of intrigue the three books make an entertaining read. From the dark cloisters of the Citadel in Ruin ...Turkey to the discovering of the ancient site of the Fabled garden of Eden...this mystery is fast paced and easy to follow.

Simon Toyne is new to me but I will keep my eye open for his future works.

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