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Book Review: The Eleventh Day

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book review the eleventh dayBook title: The Eleventh Day
...the definitive account of 9/11.
Anthony Summers
and Robbyn Swan.
Publisher: Corgi.

After all the years from that fateful September day in 2001 there is still a sense that the American people, and indeed the rest of the world do not know the detail of the who, what, when and why of this tragic event. This book argues in a most comprehensive fashion, that the US intelligence agencies and the inept Bush administration betrayed their own people. The argument is based upon the realisation that the key motivator for the attacks was the Israeli - Palestinian conflict and the American support for the Israelis. This conflict was effectively ignored by the Bush administration and instead, the focus of revenge became Iraq with the toppling of Sadam Hussein as its primary aim. This book asserts the Pakistani intelligence community turned a blind eye to Al Qaeda movements within Pakistan and that some Saudi Arabian princes and establishment figures actually colluded in, and could be seen as motivators in the 9/11 attacks. This book is painstakingly researched and is an eye opening read...the story throws up many unsung heroes as well as many tales of heartbreak and sadness. It is a very good read and deserves to be widely read by the public at large. A fateful day such as September 11th 2001 must be open to public record and ongoing investigation.
Keep reading ... Ivor Kindle.