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Book Review by Ivor Kindle; Conquest

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book cover dec 15Book title: Conquest
1066 The Year of Destiny.
Author: Stewart Binns.
Publisher: Penguin Books.

An old man living in the mountains of the Western Peloponnese ...Godwin of Ely recounts the story of ?Hereward of Bourne? and so the story of a true English patriot begins. Guided by a Talisman and accompanied by his beloved wife ?Torfida? ...Hereward of Bourne returns from exile to oppose ?William Duke of Normandy? the Bastard Duke and his plan to invade England. The pace of the book is designed to keep the reader at full all here...The Battle of Stamford Bridge against Harald Hadrada soon followed by one of the most significant battles in the history of England...the battle of Hastings fought on Senlac Ridge. The aftermath of the battle and what it meant for the native English people makes for a compelling read. I for one had never realised the impact Hereward of Bourne (the Wake) had made on English History. A good read and the first in the Quartet of books titled ?The making of England? by Stewart Binns.

Keep reading...and a Good festive season to you all. Ivor Kindle.