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book review jan 16Book title: Martyr
Author: Rory Clements
Publisher: Witness Impulse

In the reign of Queen Elizabeth the first, England is in turmoil. The Spanish are assembling a massive Armada to claim England and make her Catholic once more.

Mary Queen of Scots is under sentence of death and Sir Francis Drake is being stalked by a Jesuit fanatic who has orders to murder him in an attempt to stop him fighting the Armada.

With all this going on Lady Blanche Howard is found brutally murdered. The Queens spymaster, Secretary Walsingham sends for his number one agent John Shakespeare and orders him to investigate the chaos surrounding the Queen. Conspiracies abound as the realm is threatened.

This is the first in the John Shakespeare series by Rory Clements. It gives an insight to life in Elizabeth?s England and is a successful starter to what looks to be an excellent series of books.

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