Book Review: The Blood of Gods

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The Bloods of GodsBook title: The Blood of Gods
Author: Conn Iggulden
Publisher: Harper Collins
This is the latest and possibly the last book in the wonderful Emperor series. The previous four books are: The Gates of Rome, The Death of Kings, The Field of Swords and The Gods of War.
If you have read the previous four books then this book The Blood of Gods is a must read ...if you have not read the books then what are you waiting for?
Julius Caesar has been murdered by his trusted inner circle. His adopted son Octavian seeks revenge and will stop at nothing to avenge the death of Caesar. All of Romes heroes and villains are
featured in this stirring tale ...from Mark Anthony to Brutus they all play a pivotal role on the route to the all defi ning Battle of Philippi.
If Rome and its tales are for you then this book is a must read.
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