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Book Review by Ivor Kindle

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book review qf focus june17Book Title: The life and times of the Thunderbolt Kid (travels through my childhood)
Author: Bill Bryson  
Publisher: Black Swan

No apologies from me in doing a follow up review of another Bill Bryson book. After the brilliant "Short History of nearly everything" I just had to read another Bryson title. My mate who is an ace book chaser found this book for me at a Sunday market... yet again I found the tone and the readability of the book to be one of an easy flow.

Bryson describes his life and early years in the USA city of "Des Moines" (Iowa) during the dawn of the 1950s...60s and onwards. Seen through the eyes of a growing child, Bryson captures the social and economic changes in a wonderfully funny way. The narrative is both descriptive and precise... the 1950s were the start of the recovery after the second World War... change was the theme of the decade and Bryson catches the moments exactly. Bryson really has an easy going writing style... informative and humorous - another great read. Also as a child of the early 50s I had a symbiotic understanding of the societal changes as they were happening.

...keep reading Ivor Kindle.