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Book Review - Young Bloods

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book review young bloodsBook Title: Young Bloods
Author: Simon Scarrow
Publisher: Headline Review.

The story starts in 1769 ...the year of the birth of both Arthur Wesley and Naboleon Bona Parte (yes Naboloen).

The story takes the reader through the early years of the two men who were to become famous as two of Europe's finest Generals.

The story cracks along and is both informative in terms of biographical content and is useful in historical terms also.

This is the first book in a group of four books that follow the Wesley / Bona Parte story as it changes and forms the history of Europe. Book 2 is The Generals, book 3 is Fire and Sword ...and book 4 is The fields of Death. I have already started my search for the remaining three books.

I cannot wait to get stuck into them.

What a tremendous read.
...keep reading Ivor Kindle.