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Local artist illustrates children's book (2)

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book review beyond flower pots femalefocusonline april18 2book review beyond flower pots femalefocusonline april18 1When my mother, Margaret Brown, lost her beloved cat, Tiddles, for three long weeks in the Yorkshire town of Harrogate, she was heartbroken.
Then after putting an advert in the local paper, Tiddles was miraculously found and reunited with my distraught and tearful parents.
Margaret was so emotional about the whole incident that she decided to record the story for her family by writing a children's book based on the true events of Tiddles' disappearance and imagining what happened to her in between.
She never did think of a title for the story but a close friend of mine suggested 'Beyond The Flower Pots' as this was the world in which Tiddles found herself when she was enticed beyond the security of her little patio garden in Harrogate.
Shortly after my mum' death, 11 years ago, I found the book's manuscript during a house move and decided to illustrate her story as a special tribute.
As I was bringing up a young son and moving home many times- from Spain to England, then Gibraltar and back to Spain again- I kept the book on a back burner for a while, completing the paintings in between other work and commitments.
My main line of work involves painting animal portraits on stones and other natural materials and I have undertaken many custom portraits for pet owners in Spain and abroad through my Amazon shop 'Mel's Animal Art'.
book review beyond flower pots femalefocusonline april18 3I finally finished all the illustrations for 'Beyond The Flower Pots' last year and self-published the book through Createspace. I am absolutely delighted with the result and it has inspired me to write and illustrate more books in the future.
'Beyond The Flower Pots' is for sale on,, and