The Queen's Man

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book reveiw qf femalefocusonline may18Book Title: The Queen's Man
Author: Rory Clements 
Publisher: Hodder and Stroughton
As a fan of historical fiction I search the markets and charity shops for good books to read. I certainly struck lucky with this find. 
The date is 1582 and the master spy Sir Francis Walsingham has been training John Shakespeare in the dark arts of intelligence gathering. The story is based around the plot to remove Elizabeth 1st from the throne of England and return England to the Catholic faith. In Sheffield castle Mary Queen of Scots is held restrained in private apartments. All around the country plots and schemes run riot...John Shakespeare is assigned to seek out foreign agents and rogue priests who are determined to unseat Elizabeth. Characters a plenty, this book has an engaging fast paced story line and is one of a series of six titles featuring Intelligencer John Shakespeare. An excellent and interesting read...enjoy
...keep reading Ivor Kindle.