Insurrection - Renegade - Kingdom Trilogy

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book review robyn young femalefocusonline qf june18Book Titles: Book 1 - Insurrection.
Book 2 - Renegade. Book 3 - Kingdom.
Author: Robyn Young. Publisher: Hodder.
I would imagine that like many people of English birth what goes on in Scotland in the main is seen as nothing to do with me. Its people and its countryside generally are not at the forefront of my thinking...however lately Scotland's politics have changed my thinking. As a way of viewing Scotland's past history I would recommend the above Trilogy of brilliant books.

Britain in the late and early 13th and 14th centuries. Robert the Bruce 1274-1329 has achieved his ambition of being crowned King of Scotland... Insurrection tells the story of Robert Bruce before he became King of Scotland... He is a young and ambitious man surrounded by intrigue and plots. Book 2- Renegade Sees the Bruce on the run in Ireland hunted by a deadly assassin... The question is - Who sent the assassin? Book 3 - Kingdom comes to a thrilling climax at the battle of Bannockburn in 1314. These books have it all, King Edward 1st of England (Longshanks).. William Wallace rebel leader of the Scots and a multitude of historical figures and historical events. Summer is here and this trilogy of books is the best way to idle through the coming months...what a corking read.