Conquest - Crusade - Anarchy

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book review femalefocusonline qfsept18Book Titles: 1. Conquest 2. Crusade 3. Anarchy
Author: Stewart Binns
Publisher: Penguin Books.
The year is 1066...Harold, having just beaten the Danes at the Battle of Stamford Bridge, marches his army down to Senlac Ridge to do battle with the Norman invader William. The battle becomes a centerpoint date in English history. Within Harold's army is one Hereward of Bourne..(the Wake) ...he survives the battle and escapes the battlefield.
This is just the start of a fabulous trilogy of inter linked books ...through all three books the characters change as the years advance giving the reader a great view of early English/ Norman history. As the titles suggest the plot moves to the first Crusades and onward to a wonderful generational leap in the make up of the family of both Hereward the Wake and the family of William the Conqueror.
These books are both a brilliant story and a wonderful insight into the history of Early England ...the Norman conquest and the history of both near and far Europe and the Middle East. I have read these three books in a matter of a week or so ...they are that good to read. Search the charity shops and the markets ...excellent reading.
...keep reading Ivor Kindle.