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Unlock These Hands

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ray wilcox femalefocusonline dec18 2ray wilcox femalefocusonline dec18 1Written by Ray Wilcox

I was born in Peckham, South London. I joined the UK Prison Service in 1975. We moved to Spain in 2005 and I spend my time writing, playing guitar and, with my wife Margaret, planning our next holiday.

Given the present crisis in UK prisons there is increasing interest in what actually goes on behind the walls, how tax payers money is spent or wasted depending on the point of view of the reader. Unlock These Hands is unique because I'm unaware of any other fictional book about prisons apart from Lock-Down Blues where the author, who has not been a prisoner, has actually talked the talk and walked the walk.

The Story

The staff of HM Prison Raymar, situated in the North West of England, are trying to move on from the catastrophic events earlier in 2004 when a prisoner was murdered during a hostage incident.
The Governor, with an eye to the future, amongst other things, embraces an idea which he hopes will restore harmony and drive the prison forward. The new Special Secure Unit, a national Prison Service resource, has one resident, a notorious serial killer who delights in bragging about his favorite victim, a female prison officer. A life sentence prisoner, who has a special relationship with Prison Service Headquarters, receives devastating news and takes drastic action. Illegal drugs, currency and entertainment on the wings, are in short supply until the London underworld step in. The vulnerable are sucked into situations where they find, to their cost, that there is no turning back. Tension can break a man. Violence costs nothing for those with nothing. The price of a life can be as cheap as a promise, as easy as a misunderstanding.
Will the Governor succeed or will corruption plunge Raymar into darkness...

Unlock These Hands is available on Amazon. I have a number of copies and can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and