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The Inside Ring

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book review femalefocusonline qffeb19Book title: The Inside Ring Author: Mike Lawson Publisher: Harper Collins
A new character in the genre of political thrillers is introduced in this stylish fast moving thriller from Mike Lawson.

Joe De Marco works as a fixer for the Speaker of the House in the United States. Whilst on a fishing trip the President is the target of an assassination attempt - he survives but his best friend, a secret service agent, is killed protecting the President.

General Andrew Banks, Head of Homeland security, knew in advance that an attempt on the President was imminent but for personal reasons declined to make the information available. Were the secret service compromised?

This is a fast paced political thriller. De Marco is a new central character to the genre and is both interesting and believable.

The Inside Ring is a must read for the fan of the political thriller.
...Keep reading, Ivor Kindle.