Child 44

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book reveiw femalefocusonline qfapril19Book title: Child 44  
Author: Tom Rob Smith 
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

It's 1953 and Stalin is coming to the end of his rule over Soviet Russia. Society is effectively a police state where Stalin and Stalinism hold sway.

The lead character in this story is an MGB officer named Leo Demidov. Demidov is a respected agent of the secret police but has made an enemy of a close colleague.

This is a dark disturbing story essentially about a serial killer ...however in Soviet Russia the state is always right and the individual has no rights.

All the dark secrets of Stalinism are in this book. The knock on the door at 4am ...the transportations to the Gulags ...and the question everyone is in fear of "Are you an enemy of the state?"

This is a dark disturbing story is also one of the best books I have read. Treat yourself you will not be disappointed.
...Keep reading, Ivor Kindle.