The Sixth Man

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book review femalefocusonline qf july19Book title: The Sixth Man   Author: David Baldacci     Publisher: Macmillian

Retired Secret service agents turned private detectives Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, take up the case of Edgar Roy a supposed serial killer.

Roy in fact is the number one intelligence analyst for the United States intelligence agencies. He is able, not only to analyse multiple intelligence information, but is also able to formulate forward planning in respect of the said information.

The competition for the vast sums paid to both Federal intelligence agencies and private based intelligence gatherers leads to competition where no holds are barred. Political ambition and common greed abound in this fast paced Sean and Maxwell thriller.

The pace is constant as the victims of corporate greed and political ambition mount up. Baldacci writes with both brute force and quiet reflection ...a cracking Summer read.