Vinegar 1001 practical uses

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book review femalefocusonline qf nov19Title: Vinegar 1001 practical uses.  Author: Margaret Briggs.  Publisher: Abbeydale Press
I picked this book up at a local charity book stall and what a wonderful practical little book it has turned out to be.
The book takes the reader through the history of vinegar, the product, and into the use at an everyday level of the actual product itself.
On reading I was amazed at the everyday practical uses of with vinegar...uses of vinegar for health and personal care..uses in relation to pets and animals and even uses in terms of home decoration and renovation.
I am literally gobsmacked at the many uses of what I formally only ever used on my chips.
This book is a real must for the family kitchen and in fact for the family home.
What a versatile product vinegar is.
...Keep reading and keep pickling, Ivor Kindle.