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Written in History

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book review femalefocusonline qf feb20Title: Written in History
Author: Simon Sebag Montefiore
Publisher: W&N

This book gives a wonderful insight of the thinking of some of history's greatest names. Have you ever wondered how World leaders and famous people communicated before electronic messaging came along... of course the medium of communication was The Written Word... namely the letter.

This book is a collection of letters from ancient times to the present, from love letters to calls for liberation, from declarations of war to reflections on death and evil. I was fascinated to read the words of J.F.Kennedy during the Cuban missile crisis.

Imagine reading what Pliny the Younger actually thought as Pompeii was destroyed by Vesuvius in AD106.

Read for yourself the actual rational used by H. Truman as to why he authorised the use of an Atomic weapon against the Japanese to end World War II.

This book is a wonderful and diverse read is a great book to keep by the bedside as a read before sleep comes. Read this book you will not be disappointed.