Ship of Rome

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book reveiw shipofrome femalefocusonline august2020Title: Ship of Rome
Author: John Stack
Publisher: Harper
The time is around 200BC. The Punic wars between Carthage and Rome are in full swing. Captain Atticus Perennis commands a Roman Trireme warship the Aquila (eagle) where he is joined in command by Septimus Capito, who is one of Rome's 1st Marine Centurions.
At this time the Punic navy is far superior to the fledgling Roman navy and decides to seize control of the island of Sicily under the command of the Punic Admiral Gisco.
The storyline follows the political battles within the Roman Senate as Senators Scipio and Duilius battle for political power and command of the New Roman navy.
This book is a delight in that it brings the reader up to speed on ancient naval tactics and types of ancient naval warships.
The Ship of Rome is the first in a John Stack trilogy with Atticus Perennis as the main character.
A really good read.

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