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The Atlantis Blueprint

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book review the atlantis blueprint femalefocusonline qf sept20Title: The Atlantis Blueprint
Author: Colin Wilson and Rand Flem-Ath
Publisher: Delta

What do you know about the theory of the lost civilization of Atlantis? What do you know about how long us humans have roamed planet Earth? And interestingly did you know that according to this book the North Pole has had at least three different locations?  
This book is a fascinating read into the Earth, its geology and its geological / seismic activity, coupled with some speculation about just how long humans have populated the planet. 
The question posed is "Does the planet really have an untold past history?" This is such an interesting read's all there. 
Megalithic markers around the globe...the explanation about the "Golden Section" coupled with some remarkable insight into past civilizations...
Worth the time to read, very thought provoking.

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