Book Review; Brave Heart

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book reveiw qfocus april2021Title: William Wallace Brave Heart - Author: James Mackay - Publisher: Mainstream Publishing

Some time ago a friend of mine (Keith) passed me a book he had picked up in a charity shop... He said 'I saw this and thought of you', not because I am a Scot you understand but because he knows that I have a passion for history.

For many months I have been fiddling around my bookshelves trying to find something to read to keep me occupied during the lockdown and this book took my fancy and hopefully it will take yours.

This is one of the best history biography books that I have read. Forget the film Brave Heart, this is the real story of a true Patriot. The bad guy is Edward and his cohorts of back stabbers and empire grabbers. The detail is impressive as is the story of oppression and fealty during the reign of Edward and of his desire to conquer all before him.

This is a book that will educate and explain, it is a proper researched history story and the detail is impressive.

Read and learn. Keep reading, Ivor Kindle.