Gurkha..."Better to die than live like a coward"

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book review gurkha femalefocusonline may2021Title: Gurkha..."Better to die than live like a coward" 

Author: Colour Sergeant Kailash Limbu.  

Publisher: Abacus 

This is both an unusual and interesting read, unusual because the British Army normally do not allow individual soldiers, while still serving, to publish stories about their life whilst still being under orders.
It is also interesting because Colour Sergeant Limbu shares with the reader his account of both his time serving in Afghanistan, and also talks about his life at his home village in the mountains of Nepal.
His time in Afghanistan is an account of a life under fire and of his and his fellow Gurkha soldiers, as they fight to keep the Taliban from over running their basecamp.
His time in Nepal is the story of how the young Men of Nepal compete with each other to become a serving Gurkha Soldier within the British Army. The Gurkha as soldiers are feared by enemies all over the World. This book opens up the World of Gurkha service.

Keep reading, Ivor Kindle.