The War of the Wolf

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book review qf femalefocusonline june21Author: Bernard Cornwall. Publisher: Harper Collins
This book is the 11th title in "The Last Kingdom" series and once again the main character is Uthred of Bebbanburg.
I am a great fan of both the written book series and also of the TV series "The last Kingdom". I am now awaiting the publication of Book 12 of the series and have read that indeed it may be the last of the series.
The series has certainly moved on from the days of Alfred the Great and his constant battles against the invading Viking hordes. Uthred has now set his sights on maintaining his power and presence in the North but he has both the Scots and a selection of differing Viking invaders to deal with along with the infighting amongst the factions of the feuding offspring of Alfred the Great.
This book is a good read and attempts to hold the storyline without actually moving it forward. Let's see what Book 12 comes up with. That said if you are a fan of the series then it is a must read.