War With Russia

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book review war with russia femalefocusonline sept21Title: War With Russia. Author: General Sir Richard Sherriff. Publisher: Coronet.

A Political thriller that is dangerously close to becoming reality.
Russia is determined to recover its former Baltic states. It uses the pretext that it is protecting it's oppressed Russian speaking people. That ruse worked in Ukraine where the Crimea is now held by Russian troops. Next on the list are Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Russia sees NATO as being weak, gambling that it will not implement Article 5 which states, "An attack on one member state is an attack on all".
The author is a retired NATO commander who chastises the British Government for its running down of British forces to such a level that any response to an external threat probably would be out of reach for today's British military.
This book exposes many difficult questions...
It is actually like reading an intelligence report on Europe's military problems... It is that realistic.