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Unreliable Memoirs and Falling toward England

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book reveiw clive james femalefocusonline qf nov2021Title: Unreliable Memoirs / Falling toward England
Author: Clive James
Publisher: Pan

book reveiw clive james femalefocusonline qf nov2021 2I first read these two books way back in the mid seventies. I was a fan of the Clive James' column in the Sunday Observer and therefore the books were a logical extension to my reading enjoyment. The books tell of Clive James growing up in Australia in the 50s and later of his coming to England in search of work. As an aside of the Covid pandemic I have been re reading some of my favourite books from my distant past. These two books are both very funny and tell a good story of the trials and tribulations that life throws at people as they come of age in what was a somewhat different world of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Clive James' writing style is full of self deprecating dry wit and is well written and is a good laugh. Clive James died on 24 November 2019 in Cambridge England of Leukemia.