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Book Review by Ivor Kindle

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book review bob mortimer qfocus feb22 Title: Bob Mortimer "The Autobiography" And Away
Author: Bob Mortimer Publisher: Gallery Books UK

I have spent many a good hour or so watching the marvellous TV series... Gone Fishing with Bob Mortimer and Paul Whitehouse. The series from BBC Two is about how two characters, Bob and Paul use fishing to help slow down their hectic lifestyles following both of them having heart problems that required surgery. The series is a really good watch and is both humorous and thought provoking as well as being very informative in its settings and in its real time information in respect of the art of fishing and in its information about the waterways, rivers and seas within and around the UK. After watching many episodes of the series, I happened upon the Bob Mortimer book whilst shopping in WH Smiths in the UK. The book tells the life history of Mortimer, his life from birth in Middlesbrough via his association with Vic Reeves and onto his current life after major heart surgery. It is a nice contemplative book full of comedy and the telling of how Mortimer made it in Television comedy. The sub title of the Book is "And Away" ... Which is what Mortimer and Whitehouse say as they return the fish, they have caught back to the wild in the TV series. If you have not watched the TV series, then please do... Also the book is good for reading whilst trying to nod off to sleep.