The Papal Decree

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book review qfocuson march22Book Review by Ivor Kindle
Title: The Papal Decree
Author: Luis Miguel Rocha Publisher: Penguin

The Catholic church has a secret that it must keep to secure the future of the church itself. Several Popes have made a promise to keep secret scrolls, found in Qumran, that purport to say that Jesus was not crucified and in fact lived in Rome for several years longer than the Bible would have the World believe.
Popes, Cardinals, Jesuits and even the CIA supported by a journalist, get involved when a plot is discovered to announce and show the scrolls to the world and shatter the history of the Catholic church.
This book is a somewhat convoluted read. I suspect that the translation from the original Portuguese has left something to be desired. That said the story, once you get into the multitude of characters, is a good read.

Keep reading, Ivor Kindle.