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Female Focus & QF Focus Ed's comments March

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female focus march18 coverAs you can see we have upgraded the magazine to celebrate 25 years of serving the local community and we hope you like the changes as much as we do. We have new writers and features. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond anyones control, for the first time in 11 years we are not able to bring you the Stage Dairy, we will of course update the online information on If you have any suggestions on further improving your favourite magazine, then please get in touch. Of course it is still packed with forthcoming events and interesting information, as well as our popular free reader classifieds offer - did you know we were the first publication to introduce this for our readers here on the Costa Blanca.

This month don't forget it is English Mother's Day, Spanish Father's Day, as well as St Patrick's Day and the start of the Easter celebrations. I have the creme eggs at the ready - not sure they will last that long though and am not holding my breath on the Mother's Day front. Since darling daughter has been a mother she thinks it's her day and I belong to the Grandmother's Day brigade!

As Brexit is affecting us all in one way or another, did you know you can check for updates about the Brexit negotiations from official sources - namely the
Gov.UK website ( and even get updates emailed to you by signing up to the newsletter, that's got to be better than hearing things on the rumour mill.


qf march18 coverAlready into March and there’s a lot happening in the coming month with Mother’s Day, St Patrick’s Day and Easter - I say again, where does the time go?

The good thing about Easter being so early this year is it usually starts the summer season early, which is great news for businesses up and down the coast. However, in past experience Easter can also bring a lot of rain so be prepared!

This month I am going to refrain from giving my other half any grief ….he did remember to get me a Valentine’s Card, whereas I completely forgot. Although a gentle reminder that it is our wedding anniversary this month wouldn’t go amiss.

I am very proud to see how much this months QF Focus magazine has grown, not just in pages but copies too. This couldn’t happen without the continued support from our loyal advertisers, for which many thanks. You will also see we have added, and will continue to add new writers and features for you to enjoy.

On this note - calling all theatre groups, we will be publishing 'The Stage Diary' by Benny Davis from next month - if you are not already included in his column please send your information before the 15th of the month prior to publication.

We have already got lots of bookings for the next Professional Services publication due out in a few months so if you haven’t already got your space reserved make sure you do so soon.

Congratulations to Anne Lacey from Torrevieja who won last month's 50€ competition after spotting the logo on page 14. See if you can spot the logo in this issue for a chance to win 50€, see inside the digital magazine for details of how to enter. Good luck! Michelle.