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Between us we have recently been doing more volunteering and I would recommend it to anyone.

Many of the charities are looking for volunteers in their shops or with fund raising ideas and events, all great ways to meet new people as well as helping others.
It's very easy to hibernate in this weather but honestly, helping with dog walking, socialising puppies, grooming and cuddling cats and dogs is a lovely way to pass some time and the animals really do appreciate it.
There are so many ways to help and unfortunately so many people and animals needing it at the moment. Let's all help make a difference.
Until next time, take care and be kind. Lesley


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July has been a very busy month for us in both good and bad ways. It started with a visit from some of my closest friends for the Rojales fiestas which was a packed weekend of overindulgence in every way possible.

This was followed by a visit to Barcelona with my not so little angel to see one of her pop idols in concert. It was a brilliant evening and felt so good to finally be able to do the things that we love again.
We then returned to the UK on the hottest weekend known to Britain to attend the funeral of one of the nicest men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and honoured to call my father in law. This was a very sad and poignant occasion, however it was a beautiful service to do him and all the family proud. Owen will be sadly missed by all that knew and loved him.
Next stop is Alicante for the long awaited wedding of my oldest niece. This should have been held in 2020, but like everything else in that year it had to be postponed. I’m sure it will be a fantastic celebration and I am looking forward to seeing family from the UK that we haven't seen for numerous years.
Take care during this intense heat... Drink plenty of water, slap on the sun-cream and drive carefully - there are a lot of hire cars with drivers that are unfamiliar with the roads here, so patience and consideration is needed.
Until next time.... Michelle