We Provide Insurance – and Nothing Else

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altea insurance femalefocusonline june18By Elaine at Insurance Altea

At Insuarance Altea, we’ve seen what we believe to be a concerning trend whereby banks are not only selling insurance, but insisting upon it in order that you can use their services. We’re not against competition, in fact we welcome it. We believe that customers have a right to freely choose where they buy their insurance, and their decision should be based on merit, and not be ‘forced’ into any given policy - which is of questionable legality anyway (don’t take our word for it, ask your lawyer)!


We’ve actually been established for many years in Altea and are proud of our reputation for saving people money whilst at the same time providing that all important personal contact when a claim is being made. It can be stressful if your car gets knocked, or you suffer a break-in. We’re here to make sure that getting your insurance claim through doesn’t add to the stress.

When it comes to pricing, well we’re very competitive. Just recently, we quoted like for like for a car insurance policy. The customer had been with the same company for 5 years and was quoted 465€. We quoted 286€ this saving nearly 200€ - for the same policy cover!

Our offices are on the N332 (Calle Conde de Altea Nº 65) just before you leave Altea heading towards Calpe. If you’re worried about your policy, or simply want to save money whilst getting a better service, come and see us! Call 96 584 0753 or visit