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niamh walk femalefocusonline feb18 2In recent months you may have been following the story of local singer Niamh and her tremendous achievement of completing the Camino de Santiago. This was a long standing personal dream she had longed to fulfil. And we congratulate her on finding the stamina and strength to overcome injury and emotional challenges to get the job done. 800km in just over 30 days. Not for the feint hearted!

Niamh decided to use her efforts to fund-raise for an electric wheelchair for a local man who has lost 70% mobility in a freak fall. She wanted to complete the “physical challenge for someone who is “physically challenged”. We loved the sentiment and are simply delighted to tell you that Niamh reached her target and more! Juan Carlos and his family are delighted and grateful to everyone who contributed to this life changing gift. The best Christmas gift they could have imagined. It’s incredible how the community rallying together to donate what they could has made such a difference. Together we did it!

Here’s an update from Niamh herself, who we once again, offer a big pat on the back for her perseverance in her walking and fund-raising effort.

niamh walk femalefocusonline feb18 1“Hello folks. I did it! I can barely believe it. I wanted to experience the three stages of the camino..... the physical, the emotional and finally the spiritual. Well, that didn’t happen! For me, it was all about the physical. Due to a foot injury I managed to sustain (Plantar fasciitis) my Camino de Santiago experience was mostly a test of physical endurance. But, with Juan Carlos on my mind, and so many people’s support, I plodded on. Who am I to complain? My legs can carry me!
My arrival in the stunning plaza in Santiago Compostela was an emotional one. The sense of relief was quite tremendous. There are no words that can convey exactly how I felt. Let’s just say “a mixed bag”. I’ve been home 3 months now, but still have itchy feet. I’ve promised myself to do the walk again with less pressure. I want to experience those last 400km pain free. Thanks to everyone who followed my blog and egged me on. Your support has been immeasurable. But much more than that, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your donations to get Juan Carlos his electric wheel chair. The family are beyond delighted.
We hit more than the €3000 we were aiming for and Sylvia was thrilled when I gave her a voucher for the Shopping Centre in Ondara, with strict instructions to spoil themselves silly. Special thanks to Candy of HELP Dénia for her assistance with getting the chair to such a well deserved family. And thanks to Ian Bennet and Jools Cooper for the guitar raffle. Donations came from near and far, and I’m very proud to be part of such a generous community, such a generous world! So many cliches come to mind. Together we CAN achieve anything, every little bit helps, and all that jazz. Well, we have proven the point. Hats off to us! Buen Camino!”