Fundraising for Kotukala School

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gambia7 femalefocusonlinegambia10 femalefocusonlineSince August our ladies at Spanish Insurance have been frantically fundraising to raise money for Kotukala school in The Gambia. With the generosity of so many kind people the money was raised for the toilet block at the school and the children all had full tummies on Christmas day.

On the 22nd of December four of our ladies left from Quesada with 16 cases full of the much needed stationary and books for the 480 children who attend the school. The trip was an amazing success in so many ways. An amazing adventure full of laughter, learning and both tears of despair and joy.

gambia11 femalefocusonlineNo one really knew what to expect from the trip. No one was prepared for the amazing welcome or hospitality and we certainly were not prepared for the level of poverty. It’s very humbling but an amazing privilege to make such a trip, to live in a village and be 100% integrated and welcomed into a community so different to how we live our normal life.

gambia8 femalefocusonlineThe school we have helped, and will continue to support in every way possible, is incomparable to anything we are used to here in Europe, but what out shines the shabby walls and broken chairs is the keenness and amazing enthusiasm from the teachers to educate the children out of the poverty they are living in. The teachers, who sometimes go months without being paid a wage because there just isn't any money in the pot, still turn up for work knowing that they need to continue to help the children who are so keen to be educated in the hope of finding meaningful employment and to work their way out of poverty.

We went to The Gambia with the idea of bringing some Christmas cheer to the children on Christmas Day (along with the stationary they needed and of course the money they needed for the toilet block). We quickly learned that our first trip was only just the very start and that there was no way we could stop with just some Christmas cheer.

We will continue to help with funding for the school all year round and we have already taken the first steps to set up our official charity here from Spain.

If you would like to get involved in any way please feel free to contact Leisa on: 96 673 1691.