Goalkeeping runs in the family

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francisco femalefocusonline june18 3In April’s issue of Female Focus we were introduced to Francisco Rosales as part of the Club Fit series of articles featuring real people and why they choose Club Fit.

Well we spent such an interesting time with Francisco we wanted to tell you a bit more about this dynamic young player.
Francisco is still actively playing professional football as a goalkeeper for local side Pego as well as coaching, this means he has to take an all-inclusive approach to his training. This enables him to be a football player first, and a coach second all while maintaining a well-rounded training regime.

francisco femalefocusonline june18 1Goalkeeping runs in the Rosales family and pictured here is Francisco’s own father goalkeeping on Sotogrande beach. Although his father was very talented he never made it to professional football but instilled in his son the importance of a holistic approach to training, fitness and sport encompassing mind, body and soul. And these are the very ethics/ methods/ qualities that brought Francisco to train at Club Fit in Jávea.

In his words he says “In favour of Club Fit I can say that my training objective is not only to improve my football skills but also the personal and professional, because in the end people who are proactive in society wish to express themselves and be as happy inside as they are outside.”

francisco femalefocusonline june18 2This is Francisco's way of expressing himself as a passionate goalkeeper and professional coach who has found the tools he needs and a perfect synergy between the professionalism of the Club Fit staff and their magnificent material and facilities!