Montgó Chorale delighted to present 1115€ to Cáritas

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montgo choral cheque femalefocusonline feb23Montgó Chorale were delighted to welcome another large and enthusiastic audience at the choir’s Christmas concert at the Loreto church in Jávea. It was a full house for this occasion, and the Loreto Church’s Cáritas, which provides financial and practical help and comfort to local families in need, was the beneficiary of the very generous donations to the Retiring Collection.
Consequently, on behalf of Montgó Chorale and those who attended the performance, the Choir Treasurer Peter Crossfield Lobb, together with other steering group members and the choir Director, Aileen Lightfoot, was delighted to present 1115€ to Cáritas representatives Elly van de Wel, Director, and Marcela FitzGerald.