Women artists of the Marina Alta

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art femalefocusonline april23A vibrant, colourful celebration exhibition of women artists at Javea Golf Club this Friday 21st April from 9.00 until late (Official Opening at 11.00), Saturday 22 April from 9am until late and Sunday 9.00 until 5pm.

Inspired by a talk on women in art by the respected art historian Karla Darocas, and hearing of the difficulties of being a woman artist in years past, the local Marina Alta branch of European Union of Women - Mujeres en Igualdad had the idea of exploring the situation today for women Artists. So they are celebrating 'Women artists of the Marina Alta' in an exhibition at the Jávea Golf Club on Friday 21 April 2023.  

'We have been amazed and delighted' said President Margaret Hales, "at the considerable interest in this exhibition. We are showcasing 8 incredible women who live in this area of the Costa Blanca. If the Golf Club had elastic walls we could have accommodated more! As it is we are immensely grateful for their hospitality and sponsorship. This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the European Union of Women and the 40th anniversary of the organisation in Spain. 'We were founded well before the European Union' explained Margaret, 'and since then we have worked on raising awareness of women's issues across Europe. This exhibition is our way of celebrating our organisation and of honouring women'. 

The paintings, some abstract, some detailed portraits, all colourful and vibrant, mostly featuring women. 'We want to explore if women paint differently from men.' said Margaret. 'Do they allow us more into their world, do they ask us to look into ourselves, to question more about what we are?' Most of the artists are able to be present at the exhibition and Margaret is looking forward to the opportunity to ask these and other questions as well as enjoy their art. 

All are welcome to the exhibition from 10.00 a.m until late! 

The formal opening will be at 11.00. The Golf Club is situated on the road from Jávea to Benitachell, just before the village of Benitachell. The Golf Club restaurant has a wide range of excellent food- and wines!

The exhibiting artists are Sandi Goodwin, Susan Hankey, Frances Jones, Emma Lawson, Patricia Leona, Anna Martynovska, Marion Oprel and Jing Xu-Koprio. All live in this area but come here from countries around the world!

Sandi Goodwin, Born a Londoner, lived across the world, she creates colourful chaos, a random visual train of thought which allows others to find their own narrative.

Sue Hankey A retired Brit enjoying the beautiful countryside here, who loves painting portraits and groups of Spanish people- musicians, actors and processions and gatherings. She just loves the pleasure of painting.

Frances Jones A Brit here for many years, she finds new ways to be creative and adores the relaxation painting gives her- this joy spilling into her work.

Emma Jane Lawton British born, she is currently focusing on portraits, painting in oil or acrylic, or both! In her work, there's a fascination in how colours react differently against one another.

Particia Leona Born in the Netherlands, lived in Nigeria, Hong Kong and Singapore, she uses colours to form a kaleidoscope of shapes and materials, with colour always forming the centre of attention.

Anna Martynovska. A Ukrainian modern realist, finds inspiration in portraiture reflecting the inner world of the subject with the enhanced background using creative techniques

Marion Oprel, Born in the Netherlands, a former translator at the European Parliament, she takes her inspiration from nature all around her. She 'lets the trees speak'. 

Jing Xu-Koprio. Born in southern China, now in Spain, she uses her high level specialist medical knowledge to create beautiful human faces in a fantastic colourful environment reflecting cultures from around the world- including Spain! 

The European Union of Women Mujeres en Igualdad Marina Alta celebrates the anniversary of the founding of the pan European organisation 70 years ago this May.

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