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curry on cooking homesgardensCurry On Cooking - Winners of the Costa Cook Off at the Homes, Gardens and Lifestyle Show at La Finca Algorfa.

It?s time to ditch the jars, the pastes and throw out the old spices at the back of your cupboard and make way for the new kids on the block!

We are two sisters (Nilam Wright and Veena Josh) who draw upon our British Indian heritage: we want to share traditional healthy homemade Indian food. The kind of food we grew up eating.

When Veena left home ? she was only able to make basic Indian dishes ? and really craved mum?s home cooking. Mum?s spices were dispatched by post and recipes given over the phone so that she could have a go at recreating the dishes.

curry-on-logo-1When Nilam moved to Spain ? she found it impossible to find all the right Indian spices to cook with, it was a frustrating situation to be in. Many British expats moaned about the lack of finding a decent curry. The idea of the curry kits was born. We?ve gone to great lengths to source, blend and spread our knowledge to all curryholics to provide a real taste of home.

Our mission is to enable you to create your favourite Indian with ease and confidence through our easy to follow curry kits and Curry On Master Classes.

Each Curry On kit comes with prepared spices, a shopping list with an easy to follow recipe. All our kits are gluten free, suitable for vegans, free from additives and preservatives.


Our daily bread
Chapattis ? Indian Flatbread

Our policy is KISS ? to Keep it Simple Stupid! That has been our guiding principal from day one. With this in mind ? one of the dishes at the Homes Gardens and Lifestyle Show that we wanted to share was how easy it is to make Indian flatbread: and that you don?t need any fancy pants equipment; just a flat bottomed frying pan and a rolling pin!

Also known as roti, chapatti and phulka: Indian flatbreads are eaten daily by millions around the world. Making chapattis is the easiest and quickest way to make bread. They go well with any curry you choose to cook up.

FLOUR: Chapattis are usually made from soft whole wheat flour ? known as chapatti flour. However in Spain we?ve found that Harina de Integral works just as well. It?s available from most supermarkets including Mercadona.

North Indian chapattis are traditionally made with water and flour, but if you prefer a softer chapatti then milk or yoghurt can be used, just use less water. The amount of water used when making the dough will depend on the type of flour used, the humidity, absorbency and age of the flour ? you might find you don?t use all of the water in the recipe or may need extra.