Vegetable Korma

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veg korma may 156 tbspn oil

4 onions, finely chopped
1 tspn ginger paste
1 tspn garlic paste
½ tspn tumeric
Handful of broken cashew nuts
2 tbspn of fine dessicated coconut
2 tbspn of almond powder
2 tspn curry powder
Salt as required
1 tspn sugar
1 cup of water
½ cup of cooking cream
1 carrot, diced
1 small courgette, diced
1 small aubergine, diced
Small cup of frozen peas
Small cup of prepared green beans
Small potato peeled and diced

Firstly, sizzle the onions in some of the oil until translucent, then add the cup of water and cook the onions for a further 5 minutes and blend it all to make onion stock.

Heat the oil and add the chopped vegetables and sizzle them on a medium heat until the vegetables are soft. Add the garlic and ginger paste, then add the onion stock, curry powder, salt, sugar, cashew nuts, dessicated coconut and almond powder. Cook further until coconut is soft and then add cream and continue cooking, adding more water if it needs it, and also checking the flavour for salt, sugar and garlic and ginger as some people like their korma sweeter while others like it more spicy.

It is a mild and rich creamy curry, but to make it more spicy just add chilli powder.

Recipes by Pushpa from the Spice Hut, Quesada. Tel. 966 731 063 or 620 386 078 or visit