Vegetable fritters (starter)

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veg frittersRecipe by Pushpa from the Spice Hut


Aubergine cut into very thin rounds (slices)
Onions cut into rings
Potatoes cut into very thin rounds
Green pepper cut into 1 inch pieces
Cauliflower florets, small

For the batter

Small cup of gram flour (chickpea flour)
? teaspoon of salt or as required
? teaspoon of chilli powder
3/4 cup of water or as needed to make batter
? teaspoon of baking powder.
Oil for deep frying


Mix all the batter ingredients together and beat until smooth. Wash all the prepared vegetable and pat dry. Heat the oil until it is very hot. Dip the slices of vegetable in the batter and deep fry until crisp and golden. If the oil is not hot enough they will sink and absorb oil. Don?t put too many in the fryer together as they will stick together.
Drain and serve hot with dips.

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