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curry on cooking female focus july17Some like to call it a milkshake for grownups, others a cocktail for the sophisticated while others devour it as decant dessert!

Like Phileas Fogg one of the Spice Sisters has been on a cultural and culinary voyage to South Africa. One of the best discoveries was a most, satisfying, magical drink ever! A Dom Pedro; a popular drink served in bars and restaurants, it’s a grown up boozy milkshake, served in a stemmed glass. It’s also served as a cocktail or dessert consumed by young and old alike. A Dom Pedro consists of cream, ice-cream and alcohol.

Nobody is exactly sure where the famous Dom Pedro originated from and there’s even a dispute about the correct spelling of the name. Is it Dom or Don? Traditionally Dom Pedro’s are made using whisky, however, in South Africa, an array of different liquors and spirits are also used – it all comes down to personal taste. The most popular used are Kahlua and Amarula, however, there are other more adventurous options like creme de menthe or tequila if you fancy it. You can use grated chocolate to garnish and add whipped cream topping, not for the fainthearted watching their calorie intake and waistline, but great as an occasional treat on a hot summer’s day.

450g good quality vanilla ice cream
2 shots of liquor of your choice
12ml double cream

Grated chocolate
2 tablespoons chocolate sauce
Whipped double cream to garnish

Serves 4

1. Remove the ice cream from the freezer 5 minutes before use – to allow it to soften a little.
2. In a blender place the ice cream and blend until smooth.
3. Add the cream and alcohol to the ice cream and blend until smooth.
4. Drizzle the chocolate sauce around the inside of a stemmed glass.
5. Pour the blended mix into the glass and serve with grated chocolate, cream and a straw.

Relax and enjoy.
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