Fish Pakora

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fish pakoda100g cup of gram flour (chickpea flour)

1 tspn ginger paste
1 tspn garlic paste
2 tspn chilli powder
1 tspn salt
½ turmeric powder
fresh coriander chopped
1 kg cod
1 cup of water
oil for frying

Sieve the flour in a large mixing bowl, add the ginger paste, garlic paste, chilli powder, salt, turmeric, chopped coriander and water and mix well into a batter, it should be sticky enough to coat the pieces of fish, add more water if it is too thick.

Prepare the cod into pieces, dip the pieces of cod into the batter, coating the cod all over and deep fry on a medium heat, cook until golden brown and drain on a kitchen paper.

To test the oil prior frying, add a drop of batter in oil, if it rises straight away it is ready, if it sits then oil is not ready.

Serve hot with salad and dips.
Recipe by Pushpa from the Spice Hut, Quesada. Tel. 966 731 063
or 620 386 078 or visit