Vegetable bhajiyas (vegetable fritters)

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courgette aubergine antipasti 1You will need;

225gms gram flour (chick pea flour), 2 tspn chilli powder, 2 tspn lemon juice, Fresh coriander, 1 tspn of garlic paste, 1 tspn of ginger paste, Oil for frying, Salt, Water, Few florets of cauliflower, cooked, Aubergine, sliced in circles, Courgettes, sliced in circles, Potato, sliced thinly, Any vegetable thinly sliced.

1. Mix all the ingredients except the vegetables and add the water slowly to make a batter, not too thin or thick, enough to coat the slices.

2. Heat the oil, dip each piece of vegetable in the batter and fry until brown. To test oil first, fry one piece, if it is too oily once fried then the oil is not hot enough.

3. Serve hot with mint yoghurt dip.

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